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Right of Withdrawal

The Right of Withdrawal
You have the right to withdraw from this contract within 14 days without explanation.
The deadlines for withdrawal are the following:

In the case of purchasing goods, the deadline is 14 days after you (or your trustee that is not the courier company representative) have received the goods.
In the case of purchasing numerous goods, the deadline is 14 days after you (or your trustee that is not the courier company representative) have received all the goods.
In the case of purchasing goods consisting of multiple parts, the deadline is 14 days after you (or your trustee that is not the courier company representative) have received the last part of the goods.
If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, you are obliged to send your written intent to do so through post or e-mail to the following address:
Postal address: LED Leet Ltd., 60 Franklins, Maple Cross, Hertfordshire, WD3 9SY
E-mail address:
For this purpose, you may also use the withdrawal form on our website. Therefore, you have the option to either fill out the withdrawal form or to send us your written statement. If you choose to send us a written statement, we will promptly confirm the receipt of your statement.
You are exercising your right of withdrawal if you send us your written intention to withdraw from the purchase within the above deadlines.

Legal Effects of the Right of Withdrawal/Cancellation
If you withdraw from this contract, we will promptly refund the total invoiced amount with a deadline of 14 days after receiving your written statement of withdrawal. To refund the total invoiced amount, we will use the payment method of the original purchase order, unless you gives us explicit consent to use another payment method. There are no extra costs associated with using another payment method to refund the total invoiced amount. We retain the refund until the goods are not returned to us or until you have given us proof of the return. From these two options, the one with the earlier date will be taken into account.
You are obliged to return the goods promptly (without unreasonable delay) with a deadline of 14 days after sending us the written intent of withdrawal. The deadline is considered to be met if you return the goods within 14 days.
Returning the goods is possible through postal services. You have to cover the direct costs associated with the postal shipping.

Depreciation Responsibilities
You are only held accountable for any depreciation of the goods if the depreciation is due to use that exceeds the inspection of the goods (i.e. the inspection of the traits, properties and the functioning of the goods).

Exceptions from the Right of Withdrawal
You may not exercise your right of withdrawal in cases where the right of withdrawal includes:
a) goods and services with prices that are independent from the money-market and dependent on the deadlines in subsection 2) of 20. §;
b) goods that are not pre-produced and were produced by your explicit request, or goods that were custom-made for you;
c) perishable goods or goods with short expiration date;
d) sealed goods that cannot be returned after opening their packaging due to health or sanitation concerns;
e) goods that due to their nature irreversibly mix with other goods after delivery;
f) alcoholic drinks, prices of which are not affected by the company and are dependent on market fluctuations, and prices of which were agreed on at the creation of the contract but the contract was fulfilled after 30 days following the creation of the contract;
g) a service contract in which the service provider performs urgent repair or maintenance work upon your explicit request;
h) sealed goods containing audio- or video recordings or computer software if you have opened the packaging;
i) newspapers, journals or periodicals excluding subscription contracts;
j) contracts created based on public auctions;
k) contracts based on accomodation, courier services, personal vehicle leasing, catering and recreational services (excluding residential contracts) if a fulfillment date or deadline was sated in the contract;;
l) digital content (non-physical data medium) if the service provider started the fulfillment upon your prior explicit request, and if you have agreed to waive the right of withdrawal at the same time of the request.
(2) In the case of subsection (1) point g) the right of withdrawal extends to the products and services outside the requested services and spare parts required for repair/maintenance works.