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  • Led light sources
    Quality LED light sources offer significant savings due to their much lower electricirty consumption, longer life time and lower maintenance costs. Sample our selection of high quality LEDs and replace your bulbs today!
  • Luminaires
    Compared to conventional luminaires, LED luminaires offer high level of energy saving and longer life span, thus providing lower maintenance costs. Modernise the lighting of your home or workplace with LED LEET!
  • Philips Hue
    Meet PHILIPS HUE smart lighting and unleash your imagination! Whether it's a romantic evening or a drinks night with your friends, Philips HUE products will create a unique atmosphere in your apartment any time of the day. Get your Smart lighting today!
  • Flashlights
    Our reliable and durable LED flashlights prepare you for all eventualities. Choose from our selection ranging from affordable entry-level models to the products for professionals to avoid unexpected situations.

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  • Pleasing
    to the eye
  • Quick
  • Available
    in warm tones
  • 50 000
    on-off cycle
  • no more
  • durable
  • both
    in summer and winter
  • no more
  • constant